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I am Laura and welcome to my little digital world – my blog where I write about my adventures, passions, challenges, life lessons and dreams. Most of all, I hope to share inspiration and motivation for other likeminded people.

Who the heck am I, you’ll ask… In short, I’m an aspiring outdoor junkie, honest story-teller, wannabe photographer and online content creator. If you want to know a bit more than that, then keep on reading…

Since I can remember myself, I’ve always been a thinker and a dreamer. Living inside my mind, maybe a bit too much for it to be a healthy pastime. But that has allowed me to reflect on my life and adventures, and express it in writing.

It took me a couple of decades to realise that dreams need to be chased and lived and that my life is only for me to live – ignoring anyone else’s expectations or presumptions. So here I am, chasing yet another dream or two.

Originally from Latvia, and having spent two years in the UK, I have now settled in Switzerland where I’ve lived for the past three years with my boyfriend Luke and our kitty Alfie. We used to have a retired husky farm working dog, but he passed in early 2020. Hoping to have another dog or a husky farm sometime in the future.

Professionally, I have worked for more than a decade in the communications and marketing field. Even though marketing still is my passion, I realised that agency life is not for me. So I left my dream job in Manchester to live in the Alps which has been a dream of mine since I can remember myself.

Here in Switzerland, I started out with different seasonal jobs (ski rental shop, outdoor clothing store), and now have settled as the marketing manager and (originally, but still) one of the video editors for a local skydiving company. As much as I ran away from the marketing world, I have in a way returned to it at a professional capacity.

Depending on the season, you can find me either hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, or climbing. I am very passionate about photography (outdoors and dreamy landscapes are my realm) and travelling, reading mind-expanding books, watching true crime documentaries, and listening to educational podcasts.

This blog has evolved from being, originally, my story on expat life in Manchester, UK to a more general insight into how I’m still chasing my dreams. My ultimate goal is to create content that will provide you with the inspiration and motivation to get out there and follow your own dreams.

Thanks for popping by!

Yours truly,


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