7 Ways How Living Abroad Can Make You Smarter

There are several reasons why people choose to live abroad. For some it’s better job opportunities, for some it’s itchy feet and adventurous spirit that drives them to make this step, while others move their lives to other countries to be with their families or loved ones. However, I don’t think there are any who have done that solely for the reason to become smarter. But, as it turns out, that’s one of the benefits all expats can enjoy. Let me talk you through the specific skills! Continue reading

My Work Experience So Far

It’s been nearly 10 months since I first started my new job in Manchester, and for some reason, I’ve been putting this post off for months now. Yes, it’s time to look back and reflect. What challenges am I facing as a foreigner, how have I adapted, and what have I learned, and what’s in store for me in the future… Read on if you want to know all the answers! Continue reading

Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock

In a post a couple of weeks ago I shared my experience with the cultural adjustment process and its four stages, one of which is the culture shock. I think I’ve been quite lucky as I haven’t had the taste of a culture shock while living in the UK. However, whenever I’ve had the chance to go back home to Latvia, I have experienced a thing called reverse culture shock. What kind of beast is that?
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My Cultural Adjustment Experience Living In Manchester

I have now been living in England for seven months, and if the theory is correct, I should be experiencing a culture shock or trying to get over it. It means that I should be frustrated, struggling and constantly anxious while trying to adjust and fit into the new environment. Nope, that hasn’t happened and doesn’t seem to be happening! Honestly, I have not felt the slightest hints of a culture shock so far. But what have I experienced?
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And The Sh*t Got Real… Five Months In!

I still remember that day, I think it was late November. I was sat at my desk at work trying to crack on with my to-do list, one month in the job. And suddenly this realisation hit me – “Damn! This sh*t is real! I’m in Manchester, having a proper job, I have actually started a new life.” Yes, it took that long for the whole idea to sink in. And it scared me! Five months in now, has anything changed? Continue reading

Staying Sane While Turning Your Life Upside Down

These past few months, while starting up my new life in Manchester, I have learned many things. About life, about people, and most importantly – about myself. I have also learned to manage myself better. How is that? Basically – it’s not to go mental when everything around seems to be falling apart, or when life throws yet another challenge at you. Read on if you want to know the secret to staying sane in such circumstances. Continue reading

9 Questions You Need To Answer Before Moving Abroad

Before moving to Manchester, my only experience with living abroad was the ERASMUS semester I spent in Malta. But that was a completely different story – I was there temporarily, and didn’t need much. However, when you move to another country to live and work there, and to build a new life, things get more serious. And before you do that – you have to make sure you know what you’re doing and what you’re in for. Sharing from my experience – questions to ask and answer before the big move. Continue reading