From Marketing Life To Ski Rentals, T-Shirt Folding and Video Editing

I might not have the best track record with staying at jobs for longer than a year or two, but for about 10 years they all have been, more or less, related to marketing and communications. Moving to Switzerland, however, put an end to my marketing career, and allowed me to experience working at a ski rental shop, outdoor clothing store and, now, a skydiving company. Read on if you want to hear how I’ve been doing in the Swiss seasonal job market for the past year. Continue reading

Getting ZEALified: First Week At My New Job

I was supposed to write about my first day at my new job (at least that’s what the content plan says), but as you might guess – it got a bit busy. Five days flew by so fast! They were so eventful – loads of new information, meeting new people… getting crowned the Bowling Queen and Digital Laura, breaking internal records. Yes, all that happened to me on my first week. Want to know more? Continue reading

Looking For A Job Is A Full Time Job

It’s Sunday, and I’m glad about that. However, I’m not very thrilled it’s Monday tomorrow. Back to work… wait! I have no job, I’m unemployed, so what is this about? Turns out – looking for a job (especially in a country you just moved to) is a full-time job! Yes, I have flexible hours, I can take a day off if I like, I mostly ‘work from home’, but I don’t get paid and it takes so much energy. Let me tell you more! Continue reading