My Pursuit Of Happiness: How To Live With Less And Be Content

Don’t be mistaken, this won’t be a zero waste movement type of post. And this is not about being a minimalist either. For me, living with less has meant saying no to a corporate career, fancy job perks, status, big paychecks, and, most importantly, society expectations. Having less of all this to chase my dreams. Eventually, it’s my take on how to live and experience more. Continue reading

And The Sh*t Got Real… Five Months In!

I still remember that day, I think it was late November. I was sat at my desk at work trying to crack on with my to-do list, one month in the job. And suddenly this realisation hit me – “Damn! This sh*t is real! I’m in Manchester, having a proper job, I have actually started a new life.” Yes, it took that long for the whole idea to sink in. And it scared me! Five months in now, has anything changed? Continue reading

Getting ZEALified: First Week At My New Job

I was supposed to write about my first day at my new job (at least that’s what the content plan says), but as you might guess – it got a bit busy. Five days flew by so fast! They were so eventful – loads of new information, meeting new people… getting crowned the Bowling Queen and Digital Laura, breaking internal records. Yes, all that happened to me on my first week. Want to know more? Continue reading

That First Trip Back Home…

As you might know by now, I have managed the impossible and landed myself a pretty nice job here in Manchester. As I didn’t have to start right away, a crazy idea of hopping on a plane to Riga started to seem quite realistic as soon as I got the job offer. And so I did! Bought the tickets on a Tuesday afternoon and boarded the plane three days later. I got one week time and so much I wanted to do! How did it all turn out? Continue reading

11 Ways To Fall In Love With Manchester

Almost everyone I meet and tell my story and where I come from, asks me the same question: “Why Manchester?” Most of them expect a story, but my answer is quite simple: “I just fell in love with the city!” And that is completely true – I decided to move to another country and push a reset button on my life because I felt like I belong here and would really enjoy living in Manchester. Continue reading

Becoming One Of ‘Them’ – Getting My National Insurance Number

Once you move to another country and start your life from scratch there, you have to be prepared for a lot of bureaucracy. Luckily, I’m a citizen of the European Union, which allows me to skip a lot of paperwork and other mess. However, there are things you just can’t avoid when you move to the UK, and the very first of them is – getting your National Insurance Number. Continue reading