A Typical Day Of Yoga Teacher Training

Beatles Ashram Rishikesh India

When I was looking into doing an intense yoga teacher training course in India, I was struggling to find a thorough resource where I could get the answers to the questions I had. Still, to this day, there aren’t many people out there writing about such experiences, but I intend to change that. Let me start by recapping a day in the training course – from the moment your alarm goes off until the minute your head hits the pillow in the evening. Continue reading

Preparing For A First-Time Trip To India In 6 Steps

I write this as I’m sat on a train that will take me to the airport, and off I’ll fly to India. I’d be lying if I said that preparing for this trip was a piece of cake. The opposite – anxiety was kicking in full swing. From travels near and far I have learned, though, that a good preparation for a trip can ease the stress and make the experience more pleasant. Especially, if you’re going somewhere like India. Continue reading