My Pursuit Of Happiness: How To Live With Less And Be Content

Don’t be mistaken, this won’t be a zero waste movement type of post. And this is not about being a minimalist either. For me, living with less has meant saying no to a corporate career, fancy job perks, status, big paychecks, and, most importantly, society expectations. Having less of all this to chase my dreams. Eventually, it’s my take on how to live and experience more. Continue reading

It Ain’t All Sunshine And Rainbows…

If you’ve read this blog for a while now, you probably have noticed that I don’t really get very personal in my posts. That is – I talk a lot about my experience of moving to another country and going through job-hunt and room-hunt, but I don’t reveal the other side of it all. The way I feel about it, the inner struggles I face, and how do I keep my motivation high. As I’ve been asked that, I think it’s time to get a bit more personal. Continue reading