And The Sh*t Got Real… Five Months In!

I still remember that day, I think it was late November. I was sat at my desk at work trying to crack on with my to-do list, one month in the job. And suddenly this realisation hit me – “Damn! This sh*t is real! I’m in Manchester, having a proper job, I have actually started a new life.” Yes, it took that long for the whole idea to sink in. And it scared me! Five months in now, has anything changed? Continue reading

Staying Sane While Turning Your Life Upside Down

These past few months, while starting up my new life in Manchester, I have learned many things. About life, about people, and most importantly – about myself. I have also learned to manage myself better. How is that? Basically – it’s not to go mental when everything around seems to be falling apart, or when life throws yet another challenge at you. Read on if you want to know the secret to staying sane in such circumstances. Continue reading

9 Questions You Need To Answer Before Moving Abroad

Before moving to Manchester, my only experience with living abroad was the ERASMUS semester I spent in Malta. But that was a completely different story – I was there temporarily, and didn’t need much. However, when you move to another country to live and work there, and to build a new life, things get more serious. And before you do that – you have to make sure you know what you’re doing and what you’re in for. Sharing from my experience – questions to ask and answer before the big move. Continue reading

That First Trip Back Home…

As you might know by now, I have managed the impossible and landed myself a pretty nice job here in Manchester. As I didn’t have to start right away, a crazy idea of hopping on a plane to Riga started to seem quite realistic as soon as I got the job offer. And so I did! Bought the tickets on a Tuesday afternoon and boarded the plane three days later. I got one week time and so much I wanted to do! How did it all turn out? Continue reading